• Software

    Prevalence and Incidence Calculator (UNAIDS RG) v1.03

    A web-tool, built using ‘inctools’, to calculate HIV incidence from prevalence survey data that include biomarkers of recent infection. The existing tool web-interface were further developed specifially for the UNAIDS Reference Group (made available December 2017), to be used for UNAIDS estimates for 2018+.

  • Data


    View and download UNAIDS published HIV estimates for all countries

  • Data

    National HIV Estimates Files

    National files of HIV estimates generated using the AIDS Impact Model (AIM) in Spectrum.

  • Data

    GIS data from MEASURE DHS

    Spatial data repository with geographically linked health and demographic data from MEASURE Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and the US Census Bureau.

  • Data

    World Population Prospects

    UN Population Division demographic data online.

  • Data

    Measure DHS

    Data from nationally representative population-based surveys.

  • Website

    HIV Modelling Consortium

    Mathematical modelling to support policy decision making.

  • Website

    Stop TB Partnership

    An international entity aligning actors in the fight against TB.

  • Website

    TB - MAC

    Tuberculosis Modelling and Analysis Consortium

  • Website

    Avenir Health

    A global health organization that works to enhance social and economic development by providing tools and technical assistance in policy, planning, resource allocation and evaluation.